J&L Lining and Construction was established by Leon de Wet in 1987. The De Wet family continued to build on his passion and in 1997 a closed corporation was registered with his two sons becoming members. The steady growth and innovation that J&L Lining & Construction has experienced throughout our existence, have enabled us to expand our business in South Africa and neighbouring states. Offering competitive rates, we deliver reliable, professional and reputable expertise. Our team at J&L Lining & Construction is committed to quality service and on-time delivery. Our technical and management teams are committed to guiding our customers from concept to completion in meeting their requirements, providing them with quality steel structures customised to their unique specifications.

Our professional team of experienced, qualified staff work diligently to ensure the success of the company. The result is designability, good craftsmanship and an excellent understanding of materials. These qualities guarantee high quality products and customer satisfaction.

We believe by providing our employees with efficient training, we are empowering, and therefore, investing in them. We offer specialised training to each individual staff member to become the best in their specific area of work.

J&L Lining & Construction occupies 2600m2 of covered work area. The workshop is equipped with two cranes containing up to 10T of under-hook capacity. In addition to this, we have searates, blasting and painting bays where all our corrosion protection procedures (sandblasting and coating systems) are carried out.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our customers with excellent service, to ensure customer satisfaction, and to stand out as the most superb company in this field.

Our Mission

We are committed to service delivery, reliability, outstanding craftsmanship and the cultivation of highly skilled, professional personnel.

Our Values

We value honesty, integrity, respect, dynamic culture, passion, loyalty and safety.


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